Women’s Equality Happy Hour


  • $1,000.00  -  Shirley Chisholm
  • $500.00  -  Ida B. Wells
  • $250.00  -  Zitkala-Sa
  • $100.00  -  Alva Belmont
  • $50.00  -  Mary Church Terrell
  • $25.00  -  Alice Paul
Event Registration is closed.

Hosted by Rebecca Grawl and Connie Tipton, Board Members of the National Woman’s Party

Enjoy a tour of one of the world’s most substantial collections of original suffrage and equality artifacts housed in one of the oldest properties on Capitol Hill.  This house has been a center of political life in Washington, DC for more than 200 years!

Donations to the National Woman’s Party, a nonprofit organization headquartered at the Monument, are requested to help continue the fight for women’s equality. 

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